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Registration Process

You've decided to enrol your child at Jardim das Criancas. What Now?

Once you have decided to enrol your child at one of our JCM schools we ask that you complete some basic registration forms. You can download them here; 

Registration form - English

Registration form - Portuguese

Then submit it to our school office either physically or electronically to

We will also need copies; 

  • Childs ID

  • Parents ID 

  • Vaccination certificates 

  • Previous school reports (grade 1 and above) 

  • ID copies of people authorised to collect your child. 

Simultaneously a registration invoice will be generated. Once this registration fee is paid your child's place is secured. 

We also ask that you take the time to complete a pre-enrolment form (below). This enables us to promptly start to tailor your child's education directly to their needs. 

Registration process: Welcome
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