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Employment Opportunities

Primary School Teacher/Learning coach

JCM primary School is a small school, distinguished by its 1:8 teacher student ratio and individualised learning. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and creative people to fill the roles of Teacher or Learning Coach. 

Our teaching team works collaboratively with students to achieve self-directed, project-based learning in a friendly atmosphere, where kindness, generosity, student agency and emotional well-being are central values. 

If you have an understanding of child development, individual learning styles, value student agency, inquiry and the demonstrated ability to apply those principles. Please share your CV with us at

We are looking for someone for whom connection with nature, creativity, enthusiasm and kindly interaction with their community are as important as any other aspect of school.

If you are not Mozambican and require a work visa you must have a minimum of a bachelors degree. 

Employment: Welcome
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