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Primary School

Our K-7 Campus in Rua Tchamba, Somerschield

We believe that for children to achieve the best in their learning they must feel actively engaged and empowered in their learning environment. Rather than viewing the role of the teacher as the instructor or lecturer our teachers act as guides, facilitators or coaches in children's learning. Every child determines their own investigations and curriculum path, actively seeking knowledge and becoming self -directed learners. The "teachers" also assist the children to ensure that they are achieving strong foundations in literacy and numeracy in line with international standards. 

Our priority for JCM students is to empower them with the 21st century skills of communication, creativity, collaboration, reflection, and other “human skills."

The standards and learning objectives that our children work towards are drawn from the Australian National Curriculum. 

You can see more of our Primary School on our facebook page 

Primary School: Our Programs

Strong Foundations in Literacy and Numeracy

Priority is given to literacy and numeracy development because these are the foundations on which further learning is built.

To find out more about our foundational literacy and numeracy program you can visit the Australian National Curriculum's F-2 page 

Primary School: Welcome
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