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Parent Corner

Here you will find any documentation or procedures that a parent will need 

Welcome to our Parent Corner!

Here, you'll find all the essential resources and information to support your child's educational journey. Access important updates, event calendars, school policies, and forms. 

Explore our parent guides, volunteer opportunities, and community events. Whether you need assistance with school procedures, academic support, or extracurricular activities, our Parent Portal is your go-to resource. Join us in fostering a collaborative and engaging school experience for your child.

Parent Corner: About Us


PDF - School Calendar

Subscribe to our Google Whole School Parent Calendar and receive reminders directly to your device. 

Contact Details

Pre-School Campus 

85 202 3895

Primary School campus

87 456 4756

Director - Michelle

84 693 3226

WhatsApp Groups

Please confirm that you are in the correct group/s - if not please let us know. 

Pre-School Parents

Primary school - Broadcast only

Lower primary

Upper primary 

Our Community group - Parents past and present to discuss and share anything related to our community and having families in Mozambique. 


Registration forms

Walking permission form

Internet user agreement

Vaccine permission form

Parent Corner: Admissions
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